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  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Cb Defense product tour! Cb Defense uses streaming prevention to stop all forms of attacks. It combines prevention, detection and response in a single agent, managed from a single console, all delivered from the cloud.

  • Dashboard

    Cb Defense's dashboard gives you a clean, easy-to-understand view of all threats identified or blocked across your entire enterprise.

  • Attacks Stopped

    Cb Defense stops all forms of malware and non-malware attacks, unlike machine-learning AV or legacy AV. This includes zero-days, PowerShell memory-based attacks, and ransomware, which we'll see in this example.

  • Attacks Detected

    Market-leading detection show you threats at every stage of an attack.

    Alert Triage

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    Most Prevalent Malware

    Quickly see which malware families keep coming back for more.

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    Attacks by Vector

    Attacks can come from every angle. Cb Defense helps you keep track of threats, so you can focus on your biggest problem areas.

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    Attack Stages

    Cb Defense tracks and charts attacks across the kill chain to help you identify where in the sequence attacks are occurring.

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    Live Response

    Cb Defense's Live Response tool provides security staff with instant remote access to infected machines to kill processes, dump memory or collect forensic evidence.

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    Endpoint Health

    This dashboard provides key updates on the health and status of protected endpoints.

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    For those who like custom settings, it's easy to create managed blacklists, whitelists and more.

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  • Alert Overview

    Cb Defense prioritizes every threat so you can zero in on what's important.

  • Alert Detail

    A short summary of each alert tells you exactly what happened, along with any actions taken. Let's check out this ransomware alert.

  • Alert Triage

    Click through to quickly dive into an alert, where you can understand what happened and take action if necessary.

  • Attack Stream

    Cb Defense's activity chain gives you full visibility into the source of each attack, providing complete visibility across the attack stream.

  • Event Tags

    Our unique streaming prevention captures each individual step of the attack in a human-readable event tag. These help you understand where security gaps may exist so you can take action.


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    Alert Summary

    Quickly understand why an alert was trigged and what action Cb Defense took to protect you.

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    File Details

    Find out exactly what Cb Defense knows about an attack, if it ran and what the current status is.

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    Hash Details

    CMD Line? SHA256? MD5? Yeah, we've got all that.

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    Isolate Host

    Cut this endpoint off from the network until you are confident it is secure.

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    Alert Origin

    No need for logs here. Instantly see an attack's root cause, plainly spelled out.

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    Alert Tactics

    They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. In this one, Cb Defense breaks down the elements of each attack and visualizes the techniques and behaviors attackers used in their attempt to break in.

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    History Log & Notes

    The history log allows you to easily assign tasks, track status, or document a detail linked to this alert.

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  • Response

    This multi-stage, crypto attack was stopped.

  • Go Live

    With our unique "Go Live" feature, you can directly access individual machines, giving you control over your entire environment through a single agent and single console.

    Go Live
  • Product Tour Complete

    Ransomware file deleted!
    Cb Defense is always working...

    Go Live

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