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The Rise of Non-Malware Attacks

Forrester Webinar: The Rise Of Non-Malware Attacks

Today, more attacks use non-malware techniques to compromise systems. Machine-learning AV and legacy AV can't stop them. What can you do to keep up?

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Carbon Black Threat Report

Analyzing more than 1,000 customers, the Cb Threat Research Team has uncovered startling new trends concerning the rapid rise of non-malware attacks and success of ransomware.


Learn about Next-Gen AV

SANS Evaluator’s Guide to NGAV

How should you evaluate NGAV? How should it integrate? What vendors should you assess? This guide from the independent educational organization SANS has the answers.

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What Is Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)?

That’s a great question! It’s not traditional AV on steroids. Arm yourself with a solid understanding of NGAV and why it better protects your endpoints.

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The endpoint security space is changing rapidly. Stay informed about trends in NGAV, new attacks, breaking news stories and industry best practices.

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Replace AV with Cb Defense and Streaming Prevention

Cb Defense Data Sheet

Cb Defense, with its breakthrough prevention model, market-leading detection and response capabilities and single lightweight agent, is the future of NGAV.


It's Time To Replace AV: Checklist

Breaking from tradition can be hard. This checklist helps you evaluate the new NGAV platforms and ensure you receive the capabilities and value you deserve.


Streaming Prevention In Cb Defense

While the rest of the endpoint security industry is singularly focused on preventing malware, Carbon Black's streaming prevention was uniquely built to stop both malware and non-malware attacks.


Customer Success Stories

Evernote Replaces Legacy AV with Cb Defense

Cb Defense protects Evernote’s endpoints, while giving the team visibility across their whole environment with zero impact to operations. Read how they did it.


DraftKings Replaces Legacy AV with Cb Defense

DraftKings needed to keep users safe while allowing them to work. Watch this video to hear them describe why they chose Cb Defense.

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